Descrierea companiei

Fokus Interactive is the online advertising division of Romanian-German Rentrop&Straton Group, for sale being the most important provider of specialized content and the most recognized business consultancy company besides those from Big Four. Rentrop&Straton benefits of the 30 years-experience of the international network VNR Verlag fur die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG, malady based in Bonn, discount Salzburg, Zurich, Varsovia, Bucuresti, Moscova, Istanbul, Londra, Manchester, Madrid, Johannesburg si Sofia.

With more than 2 million unique visitors and 6 million pageviews, look Fokus Interactive portfolio has 17 big websites and even more newsletters we send daily to more than 400,000 subscribers data base.

Focus all your resources on the specific people you are looking to reach.
We use niche websites in order to meet the niche advertising needs of our clients.

We bring life to any idea you might have about internet opportunities. Basically, let's work together in order to get mutual benefit.